With a degree in Fashion and Textiles, years of teaching and lecturing experience and an MA in Fine Art, Dorothy has run workshops for all sectors of society, from primary, or secondary to mature students including people with disabilities.

If you are interested in workshops in Fine Art, textiles and batik or ceramics and mixed media, please contact Dorothy.......

Textile Workshops:

T shirt design and painting/printing.

(a 2 hr course in designing and painting or printing your own T -shirt using fabric paints and dyes.)

Mask making, robots or creatures using fabrics and re-cycled materials

Fashion & costume design, this could be part of a theatrical or performance piece.
(finished works could be displayed or used to act out a performance in the theatre)

Design and make your own bag, hat or scarf
fabric painting, silkscreen printing & batik technique can be used in these processes)

Clay, pottery and ceramics,

Projects in clay can be a series of one -off lessons using self hardening clay where the items can be taken away at the end of the lesson or can be part of a prolonged project either as part of a group or as an individual project resulting in using decorative slips,glazes and firing the finished project work in the kiln

(All hand building techniques can be taught as one off lessons or as a means of showing techniques that can be used to create a more developed project.)

modelling- as part of a group project or individually, this can be theme based, environments, fantasy, outer space/other worlds, heroes, villains, historical figures, robots, creatures and animals.

Slab work- as part of a group project or individually, wall murals, door plaques, functional items, dishes vases plates etc

Coil and pinch pots can also be developed as joint projects or individually.
Items made using these methods can include bulbous shapes such as piggy banks, bowls vases, animals, plant forms, and masks and heads and figurines,


Rod, string and glove puppets can be designed and made using re-cyled materials, fabrics, paper card papier mâche and clay, these could be developed to include a stage and result in a performance show.

Not forgetting- Drawing and painting for beginners or the more advanced!